Ecco La Farfalla – Here Is The Butterfly


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Get your child to recite the poem to you!

Follow this link for the words.

Prep colour blog-1t6aq0b

Foundation students learn about ‘La Fattoria’ (The Farm)


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This term we have been learning about farm animals through the story of  “La Gallinella Rossa” (The Little Red Hen”. Students have learnt the Italian names of the animals that feature in the story. Have them read them out for you. Click on the link below:

la fattoria blog-2giktwl

Grade 5/6 Cartoon Stories


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Last term, Grade 5/6  students worked really hard on creating brilliant Italian scripts based on greetings and how one is feeling. The links below are some examples of what the students achieved. To access the cartoon stories please use ‘Firefox’ as your browser and access the Italian Blog using this browser. Copy and paste each file’s link below into a new tab and view.

Buon divertimento! (Enjoy!)
















Italian Day 2017 Prep memories.


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Here are some favourite memories shared about Italian Day from some Prep C students. Fantastico!Prep Reflections Italian Day-rg6tn2

Festa Italiana 2017


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The slideshow captures some wonderful moments of Italian Day 2017. I want to thank all the staff, students and parent community for making it such a successful day. Grazie mille!



The students had a wonderful time learning about the traditional dance called ‘La Tarantella’. Here are some of the students learning and having fun!

Year 5/6 Learning Reflections.


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Ciao ragazzi,

If you haven’t finished your learning reflection on the topic of “Chi sono io?” (Who am I?), the questions you need to consider are listed below.



Write a learning reflection on what you have learnt so far.


What new language (words or sentences) did I learn? (Be specific and detailed).

What strategies do I use when I am reading new information in Italian?

What did I learn about the Italian language and how Italians word things in their writing? (Give an example of this)

What things am I good at and what things do I need to improve on in Italian?

Italian Day Festa 2015


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The students at Moonee Ponds Primary school experienced a little taste of Italian culture and language on Monday 3rd August 2015.

The Italian Day festa was a celebration of student learning and fun was had by all. On the day students dressed up in Italian colours or costumes that were synonymous with Italy. We had gondoliers, chefs, waiters and waitresses, pizza makers, some ‘fashionistas’, some dressed as the famous Mona Lisa and we had a Leonardo Da Vinci too! The students started the day with a costume parade. It was a great way for getting into the spirit of the day.

Students also attended the bilingual show called “Mangia Banane – Mission Gnocchi”. There was lots of laughter and interaction with the actors and the audience.

Students also learnt more about the Italian cultural event called “Carnevale” and created their own masks. The day ended with an Italian Trivia Quiz that challenged students thinking about what they had been learning in Italian over this past year.

Mille grazie to Ally and her team of helpers for serving gelato at lunchtime. The funds raised from the gelato sale will go towards resources in this curriculum area.

Grazie to all the students and teachers for making Italian Day such a huge success!

Check out the pictures below!

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Tanti Auguri!


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Grazie to all students for their wonderful effort and achievements in Italian this year. I wish all the Year 6 students  continuing success in the next phase of their education, especially in their study of Languages. Buona fortuna Year 6s! Buone vacanze a tutti!


Nancy Berardone

buon natale



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Moonee Ponds Primary experienced a little taste of Italian culture and language on Friday 7th November 2014. The day was set aside to celebrate student learning in this curriculum area. Fun, laughter and learning was had by all. Mille grazie to all the students and teachers for making this day such a success!


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Da Dove Vieni?


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Students in Grade 5/6 have been working hard this semester.  They completed and presented some fabulous posters on the topic of ‘Nazione e Nazionalita`’. Take a look at some samples below of their fantastic work.  Ottimo lavoro! (Fantasic Work)

da dove vieni.docx

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