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Foundation A students singing in their Italian ‘grembiule’


Foundation students will be learning how to greet their peers and others in Italian and have started learning this through an Italian greeting song called ‘Ciao, Buongiorno’ (Hello, Good day). They also learnt a little about Italian culture and what children in Italy wear to school. The ‘grembiule’ is the traditional uniform worn by children […]

Benvenuti a tutti! (Welcome to all!)


Welcome students and parents to the 2018 MPPS Italian Blog. The Italian blog will be a place of celebration, where I will showcase student work and photos of what the students have been learning about. I am looking forward to sharing this with the MPPS school community and am looking forward to reading your comments […]

Christmas wishes from Grade 5/6


Grade 5/6 have been learning about the Christmas festive season in Italy. Enjoy their song to you! Buon divertimento! (Enjoy!)

Grade 3/4 singing about the weather.


The students enjoyed learning and singing about the weather. I hope you all do too! Buon Divertimento! (Enjoy!)  

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Merry Christmas from Prep!


Grade 1/2 ‘Gli animali’


Grade 1/2 students learnt the names of ‘animali domestici e selvatici’ (pets and wild animals). They created some simple sentences of where some of these animals are found. Nella foresta c’e`……. (In the forest there is…..) Nella giungla c’e` ……. (In the jungle there is…..) Nello zoo c’e` …….( In the zoo there is….) Nella […]

Prep counting in Italian.


Prep students have been working hard this term to learn how to count from 1 to 10 in Italian. Listen to their fantastic singing and counting in Italian.

Ecco La Farfalla – Here Is The Butterfly


Get your child to recite the poem to you! Follow this link for the words. Prep colour blog-1t6aq0b

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Foundation students learn about ‘La Fattoria’ (The Farm)


This term we have been learning about farm animals through the story of  “La Gallinella Rossa” (The Little Red Hen”. Students have learnt the Italian names of the animals that feature in the story. Have them read them out for you. Click on the link below: la fattoria blog-2giktwl The students progressed from naming farm […]

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Grade 5/6 Cartoon Stories


Last term, Grade 5/6  students worked really hard on creating brilliant Italian scripts based on greetings and how one is feeling. The links below are some examples of what the students achieved. To access the cartoon stories please use ‘Firefox’ as your browser and access the Italian Blog using this browser. Copy and paste each […]

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