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Il Cibo (The Food)


Year 1/2 students have been learning all about food this term. They have learnt an Italian song naming traditional Italian foods. They have been learning how to express likes and dislikes too. Buon lavoro, Year 1/2s! (Great work!).

Words to the song

Maccheroni, ravioli, pizza, pasta e ragu,`      (Maccheroni, ravioli, pizza, pasta and ragu`)

tramezzini e pannini, panna e tiramisu`,       (sandwiches and rolls, cream and tiramisu`)

e perche non tagliatelle, fettucine e spaghetti,   (and why not tagliatelle, fettucine and spahetti)

un risotto al formaggio, e bruschetta in omaggio!  ( a risotto with cheese and a complimentary                                                                                                                                                      bruschetta!)

Grade 1/2 students in Italian uniforms.


Grade 1/2 students learnt about the Italian primary school uniform called ‘grembiule’. Students from Prep to Year 6 wear these as their school uniform.  They are predominantly worn by students who attend public school. The school ‘smock’ is gender neutral and sometimes comes in a different shade of blue.

The students loved dressing up as Italian school students.



Grade 1/2 ‘Gli animali’


Grade 1/2 students learnt the names of ‘animali domestici e selvatici’ (pets and wild animals). They created some simple sentences of where some of these animals are found.

Nella foresta c’e`……. (In the forest there is…..)

Nella giungla c’e` ……. (In the jungle there is…..)

Nello zoo c’e` …….( In the zoo there is….)

Nella casa c’e` ….. ( In the  house there is ….)

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